Video Lectures

Mr. Sarfaraz Masood, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Engineering has enthusiastically produced a series of video lectures on Compiler Design. The video lectures cover a wide range of topics that potentially include Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis, Semantic Analysis, Type Checking and Intermediate Code Generation. The videos can be accessed through the following links:

S.No. Title of the Lecture Web link
1 Introduction to Compiler Design
2 Lexical Analysis
3 Syntax Analysis –I
4 Syntax Analysis –II
5 Semantic Analysis -I
6 Semantic Analysis -II
7 Type Checking
8 Intermediate Code Generation

Touchless Automatic Attendance Marking System

Mr. Danish Raza Rizvi along with Shivank Tripathi and Md. Nafis Khan developed the Students Attendance Manager Mobile App. Manual process of attendance management consumes a lot of time and paper resources. To prevent this, they introduced a system that consists of an android app with its web interface and for teacher and students. In this system, the students register themselves with their device and connect to the server. Application scans for the devices connected to the specific server in their local network without any manual intervention and marks them present in the database. This enable us to save a lot of time, help in storing record and also to track attendance.

Geo-Fencing Box by Mr. M Zeeshan Ansari and Abhinav Rai

Abhinav Rai, 4th Year Computer Engineering and his team under the Mentorship of their faculty members Mr. M Zeeshan Ansari and Mr. Faiyaz Ahmad, proposed an outstanding solution for the problem of ever-increasing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that may cause troubles in air traffic. This problem was given in the Smart India Hackathon - 2017 by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. The team was all India winner at Smart India Hackathon – 2017 and was awarded prize of 1 Lakh Rupees.

Intelligent Home Appliance Control System

Dr. Mohd. Amjad, Mr. Mohd. Zeeshan Ansari and their students have developed an Automation System which provides remote operation of home appliances though their mobiles. The Mobile Application mainly provides management and control of home appliances and program them in order to accomplish the household tasks. Using this mobile application, the tasks that can be intelligently managed include automatic turn on and off for lights, fan, etc. It also offers a solution for connecting any types of home appliances even AC, TV, refrigerator through a single mobile application.

Automatic Essay Grading

Dr. Tanvir Ahmad supervised Ishita Tripathy on a project on Automated Essay Grading System. The purpose of this project is to implement and train natural language processing algorithms to assess and grade essay responses automatically. The system measures the organization and structure of the essay, command over language, and other metrics using features such as dominant tense, number of long words and sentences, number of grammatical errors, sentence count, etc. The final system performs better than state-of-the-art systems on 3 out of 8 sets in the database.